What is IdeasVault?

IdeasVault is a secure encrypted software vault where you can store your ideas in an organised way with a view to sharing the relevant parts to a trusted party.

a) You have a Vault that can store many different ideas (idea wallets).
b) Each idea is time/date stamped so you have proof of when you came up with the idea, in much the same way as posting it to yourself for proof.
c) You can categorise each idea as to its stage in commercialisation.
d) The idea can be in text, video or audio format or supported by multiple formats.
e) Access to your Vault is via email address and password. An additional layer of security is also offered via Google two factor authentication.
f) Ideas can be shared by choosing the data you wish to share together with help on whether to share under NDA.
g) Links to create and upload an NDA are provided.
h) Ideas are shared via an email link to the chosen data with/without NDA selected and a one-time-password is provided for 24 hour access only.

To prove the idea is yours and when you came up with it.
To store your ideas in an organised way, in a secure place.
To share your ideas securely.